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Xiamen Endeavor General Technology Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Endeavor Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Xiamen City Fujian Province. The business scope includes general projects: technology intermediary services; Retail of computer software, hardware, and auxiliary equipment; Wholesale of computer software, hardware, and auxiliary equipment; Technical services, technology development, technology consulting, technology exchange, technology transfer, and technology promotion; Sales of electronic products; Wholesale of electronic components; Sales of electronic specialized equipment; Manufacturing of optical communication equipment; Information technology consulting services; Technology promotion services; 5G communication technology services; Data processing services; Data processing and storage support services; Office services; Advertising production; Graphic design; Advertising design and agency; Advertising release; Sales of daily necessities; Sales of second-hand daily necessities; Research and development of household appliances; Sale of second-hand goods; Retail of daily household appliances; Daily electrical appliance repair; Artificial intelligence application software development; Software sales; Software development; Sales of instruments and meters; Sales of building decoration materials; Retail of hardware products; Wholesale of hardware products; Sales of electrical equipment; Wholesale of automotive spare parts; Wholesale of motorcycles and spare parts; Sales of specialized rubber processing equipment; Sales of rubber products; Sales of non-ferrous metal alloys; Manufacturing of metal materials; Sales of metal materials; Metal product repair; Research and development of metal products; Sales of metal products; Operation of wires and cables; Import and export of goods; Technology import and export; International freight forwarding agent; Domestic container freight transportation agent; Domestic freight forwarding agent; Sales of intelligent warehousing equipment; Mechanical equipment leasing; Leasing services (excluding licensed leasing services); Enterprise management consulting; Marketing planning; Sales of molding materials for casting; Sales of daily ceramic products; Furniture spare parts sales; Sales of building blocks; Sales of daily necessities; Fiber optic cable sales; Integration of satellite remote sensing application systems; Virtual reality device manufacturing; Cloud based business outsourcing services; Information system integration services; Digital content production services (excluding publishing and distribution); Digital technology services; Manufacturing of audio equipment; Sales of digital cultural creative technology equipment; Digital creative product exhibition and display services; Sales of intelligent instruments and meters; Sales of experimental analysis instruments; Sales of intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment; Manufacturing of intelligent instruments and meters; Construction of landscaping and greening projects; Planning and design management; Sales of household appliances; Furniture sales; Sales of lighting fixtures; Mold sales; Sales of building materials; Sales of lightweight building materials; Floor sales; Sales of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.



Putian City, Fujian Province, P.R.China

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